OSCP | GCIH | GSEC | CCNA | CySA+ | PCNSA | Splunk Power User |
Qradar Associate Analyst | Network+ | A+

Blue teamer by day, red teamer by night.

I am currently employed as a Security Specialist, utilizing my Incident Handling skills to support a Fortune 100 company. Because the cyber budget for such a large organization is quite extensive, it has awarded me the opportunity to use a lot of the top blue team tools available on the market today.

Everyday I investigate suspicious activity and potential attacks and have found that the more I focus my studies towards red team training and hacking, the better equipped I have become when it comes to incident handling. I strongly believe that offence informs defence and that developing a hackers mindset is the best way to prepare yourself for defending against actual threats.

Learning how to hack has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things I have done in my life; and because it has been so fulfilling for me, my goal is to take everything I have learned and everything that I continue to learn and share that knowledge with you!